Trehane Scholar 2019 announced: John Remnant

John is a specialist cattle vet in a teaching focused position at the award winning University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

He will be looking at how to ensure the veterinary profession meets the needs of livestock agriculture now and in the future.

Study summary

Livestock farming is intensifying, with fewer, larger farms emerging. Despite this many smaller farms still exist. This myriad of farm types all require veterinary input. The veterinary profession is also undergoing a period of significant change with growth of corporate practice ownership, reduction in government work, changing career expectations of the current generation of “millennial” graduates, Brexit, and a need to reduce reliance on medicine sales. These changes are often discussed but are often considered in isolation.

He aspires to understand what impact changes in both professions could have on the other, and what challenges need to be addressed. The intensification of livestock farming results in the need for a more specialised veterinary service but many farm veterinary practices report recruitment problems. He will investigate veterinary training and delivery models to ensure that all livestock farmers have access to appropriate and affordable veterinary services in the future.