Rhys Williams publishes Wealth Creation in equity dairy farm partnerships report

Rhys Williams

2010 Trehane Trust scholar - Co Owner/Director of Padog Farms Ltd managing 1500 crossbred cows grass based.

Wealth Creation in equity dairy farm partnerships Ireland, USA Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand and France

“The Trehane award gave me a broader outlook, pushing the more comfortable, rigid thinking to one side. My own business benefitted from me being away and handing over more responsibility to others and from ideas I have subsequently implemented as a result of my travels.”

Rhys set out to look at farm business structures that encourage and enable expansion and rapid wealth creation in low input grass based systems. Across the world, he saw that people management skills are key to success.

“Every farm has milking facilities, cows and grass, but one thing that makes them all different is the people and how they are managed. On my return it came apparent to me that the UK is a fantastic place to produce low cost milk. The opportunities in the UK at present are limitless.”

Rhys Williams full report can be found here: