Elin Wyn Jones publishes report for the Trehane Trust on diversification in the dairy industry.

Diversification in the dairy industry.
Elin Wyn Jones
Trehane Trust
Objectives of Study Tour    

To discover the diversification opportunities on a dairy farm. To investigate the challenges and decisions involved in expanding the diversified business.  To learn new techniques and expertise of artisan cheese making. Find a way of overcoming the contamination of blue cheese spores.  
Countries Visited  New Zealand, Australia, China, France
Assessing current assets and opportunities is the first step to a diversification idea.    Diversification is well supported financially in the UK compared to other countries visited.  Processing milk into dairy products is profitable and demand is on the increase for local artisan cheese.  Combining milk processing diversifications with tourism/education schemes is an alternative to increasing production.  Natural bacteria fauna in unpasteurised cheese units prevent contamination by unwanted bacteria.  

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