The Trehane Trust

The Trehane Trust is a charity whose main aim is to encourage research and education into dairying. It achieves this through making awards to individuals who want to travel, study and research a particular aspect of the dairy industry.

The remit is very broad and covers all aspects of the dairy supply chain, from production to new product development and consumer trends in the dairy sector. Subjects might focus on an aspect of dairy cow breeding and management, the processing of milk into dairy products, or consumer education relating to the benefits of dairy. Environmental and health issues are also topical throughout the production chain.

The Trehane Trust offers awards each year, through participation in the Nuffield Farming Scholarship programme. Therefore Trehane scholars benefit from The Trehane Trust as well as the Nuffield Scholarship programme. (

Each scholar is provided with travel and subsistence costs for eight weeks of travel – that can be taken in one block or smaller blocks and, in travel terms, the study can include visits as near or far from home as required to fulfil the objective of the study.

Trehane scholars are expected to present the findings of their study and produce a written report.

More information on the Trust and applying for an award are available from the Trust's secretary:


Trehane Scholars